Burlington’s Best
Boarding and Daycare Facility

Unleashed is best described as having a real “Muskoka” feel. Consider it your dog or cats vacation from home. On this vacation, they will run, play and interact with other pets who become some of their best friends. Since 1999, we have been caring for pets, providing them a place to stay and a place to have fun while you are away.

Our large, interactive pet boarding and daycare facility is situated in the quiet country side of Burlington Ontario. Our spacious facility is air conditioned in the summer, heated in the winters and is staffed with passionate professionals who will always ensure the safety, security and happiness of your pet.

To Join our ever growing family at Unleashed
No, this isn't a boarding kennel all these pets are family members.


Is there an emergency vet nearby?

We are 2 minutes from several vet clinic ‘s, also we have emergency clinic with in 5 minutes from the center, we always have a staff member on site who has their certificate in Animal First Aid

How are pets fed?

We feed all our guests individually and only the food you provide. We can accommodate all types of diets.

Are large and small dogs separated?

Absolutely, we have designed our facility to accommodate different sizes of dogs, each indoor area for them has a separate play yard.  So all dogs big, small, puppies even seniors have their own indoor and out door play areas.  Your dogs safety and comfort is our main focus 

We at Unleashed feel it imperative to match dogs up in a group always  keeping their size, age even play styles in mind

Can we administer medications?

Our staff is very experienced with giving injections and medications to cats and dogs. If your animal has a health problem of any kind, we guarantee the absolute highest care for them. We also administer special diets and exercise routines as recommended by your vet.

Are pets always supervised?

Yes, during group play time  staff are always on hand watching and closely supervising the dogs.

We also live on site and have security cameras and systems in place

Where do pets sleep?

Your dog sleeps safely indoors at night, heated in the winter, air conditioned in the summer and everyone is setup comfortably to ensure a restful nights’ sleep.